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Colour Prediction website Game Source Code with admin panel


1. Introduction

The main objective of the web application is making money. This is lottery website. You can make it on your own.

2. System Actors

  • Admin
  • Users

3. Admin Features

  • Admin Login
  • Admin can Manage all registered users (edit, delete, update).
  • Admin can Monitor all betting records of the game.
  • Admin can Monitor all Deposit records of users
  • Admin can Manage all bank records of users provided for withdrawal.
  • Admin can Monitor withdrawal request form users.
  • Admin can send payment to users.
  • Admin can update payment withdrawal request.
  • Admin can Monitor withdrawal records of users.
  • Admin can Monitor referral records of users.
  • Admin can Manage wallet balance records
  • Admin can update slider images
  • Admin can update Running text.
  • Admin can update rules of the game.
  • Admin can update privacy policy and terms and conditions.
  • Admin can Monitor all profit records.

4. Registered User Features

  • New User can register though registration page.
  • Registered User can login with valid mobile number and password.
  • User Can easily Forget their password after Providing Some Correct Information.
  • User can Update their Profile.
  • User Can Update their Password
  • User can play color prediction game.
  • User can make money through color prediction game.
  • User can update their bank records for withdrawal.
  • User can monitor their wallet.
  • User can monitor all betting records.
  • User can monitor all deposit records.
  • User can monitor all withdrawal records.
  • User can send withdrawal request to admin.
  • User can earn money from referral program.
  • Logout

5. Referral Program

  • Any User register with referral code that user get by default (admin can change referral bonus value).
  • If Any User Register with without referral code that user get by default.

6. Server requirements

  • Godaday.

7. Language Used

  • Front-End – HTML5, CSS3, BOOTSTRAP, JQuery, JS, and Ajax.
  • Back-End – PHP 7.2,7.3, MYSQL.

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