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 digital products you've mentioned, including a food delivery app, single vendor e-commerce app, multi-vendor e-commerce app, cab booking application, reward application, Candy Crush reward app, five in-game app, or lottery application.

However, I can offer some guidance on how you might approach developing these applications:

  1. Food Delivery App (Multi-Restaurant Type):
  • Define the features: user registration, restaurant listings, menu browsing, ordering, payment integration, order tracking, reviews/ratings, etc.
  • Choose the appropriate technology stack: backend (e.g., Node.js, Django), frontend (e.g., React, Angular), mobile (e.g., iOS - Swift, Android - Kotlin), and database (e.g., MySQL, MongoDB).
  • Start development by implementing core features gradually.
  1. Single Vendor E-commerce App:
  • Similar to the food delivery app but focused on showcasing products from a single vendor.
  • Consider features like product listing, cart management, checkout, payment gateway integration, order tracking, etc.
  1. Multi-Vendor E-commerce App:
  • More complex than a single vendor app as it involves multiple sellers/vendors.
  • Features include seller registration, product management by sellers, commission management, order management, etc.
  1. Cab Booking Application:
  • Core features include user registration, cab booking, real-time tracking, fare estimation, payment integration, driver rating, etc.
  • Integration with mapping services like Google Maps or Mapbox is essential.
  1. Reward Application:
  • Define the type of rewards and how users can earn them (e.g., through purchases, referrals, completing tasks).
  • Include features for tracking rewards, redemption, and user engagement.
  1. Candy Crush Reward App:
  • This might involve integrating a game like Candy Crush with a reward system.
  • Define how users earn rewards through gameplay and how they can redeem them.
  1. Five In-game App:
  • Specify the type of games you want to include.
  • Consider implementing features like leaderboards, achievements, social sharing, etc.
  1. Lottery Application:
  • Design features for purchasing lottery tickets, drawing numbers, notifying winners, and managing payouts securely.

For each of these applications, you would need to plan out the database schema, design the user interfaces, implement the backend logic, and handle security considerations. It's a complex process that requires both technical expertise and an understanding of user requirements. You can find open-source projects or tutorials online that can help you get started with the development process for each of these applications.

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supper and very low cost provide a source code i am very happy

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