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Fully Working Sudoku Mobile App for Android/Huawei

  • With multiple difficulty levels, players can choose the level that suits their abilities, whether they are a beginner or an advanced player. The game is played on a 9x9 grid, and the objective is to fill each row, column, and 3x3 box with the numbers 1 through 9 without repeating any numbers.

  • This codebase gives you everything you need to release a basic Sudoku app with 4 difficulties.
  • It's a great foundation to start your Android App business on, and super simple!

Included in the purchase:
- Full source code, including artwork, to release your own Sudoku App on the Android App Store.
- The app was developed in HTML/Javascript in order to be maintained by developers that are more affordable than your average mobile developer.
- The app compiles to an APK and can be submitted directly to the store.
- Development can be done in-browser.
- Admob support included.

Included for developers:
- Keystore Generator,
- Dependency Installer,
- Gradle included in sourcecode,
- Release options for Android & Huawei (requires accounts for both)

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